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Since the arrival of Luigi Francesco Sampietro in Argentina in 1906, our family and agricultural work have been on the same path. Being the third generation of a farming family, Eduardo Sampietro enters the oil trade exchanging soybean and sunflower seeds for refined oil for sale in bulk.
In 2017, after the incorporation of his eldest son, Valentin, it was decided to register a brand to start bottling oil in different formats. The first year the brand became known through the local retail trade, and then in the second year it made the leap to the wholesale trade with customers in 11 of Argentina’s 23 provinces and reaching neighbouring countries such as Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil.
In January 2024, the family moved to Italy to expand its business. Not only does it continue to be linked to the oil sector, but it also forges important commercial agreements for the import and marketing of seeds and pulses from South America. In this way, today the company is a bridge between producers and consumers all over the world.


To offer a first quality product together with a good price for the consumers.


To position the brand among the main brands in the market, providing confidence and a healthy life.


Commitment and support for our customers. Along with responsibility and honesty we seek long-term relationships, making our customers part of our family.


Eduardo Sampietro CEO - Aceites Sampietro

Eduardo Miguel Sampietro

Eduardo Sampietro Sales Manager - Aceites Sampietro

Valentín Sampietro

Sales Manager

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